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Aviation unites the world. Today it has become an irreplaceable part of our lives, our business, and more importantly — it brings us back home to spend time with our family.

There are over 100,000 flights worldwide made daily, serving over 2 million people. Despite the fact that aviation is considered as one of the safest types of transportation, the number of accidents related to air transport averages to about 3302 yearly. The main reason is the human factor.

Main reasons of aviation accidents
  • 57% Human factor
  • 22% Technical problems
  • 12% Weather conditions
  • 9% Other
Key issues
  • Pilots may lack experience they claim — flight log records can be easily forged.
  • Flight schools may be corrupt — they have an incentive to “fake” pilot experience.
  • Aircraft operators may underreport the flight hours — saving considerable maintenance costs.
  • Lack of a common solution that would prevent any modification or distortion of log data.
  • Aviation has high demand for replacing old-fashioned solutions with new technologies.
  • Flight schools need more sophisticated tools to manage student records and aircraft fleet.


The improvement in aviation safety today can be achieved by using blockchain technology. It will exclude the possibility of loss, distortion or forgery of vital log data, therefore significantly reducing the risk of fatal accidents. Information should be transparent and available for the authorities to improve safety.

Advantages of Aeron blockchain solution for aviation
  • Blockchain technology ensures that vital log data cannot be altered.
  • Multi-sig authentication system provides data security.
  • Information is stored in the blockchain, transactions are transparent and can be viewed by all users.
Aeron is the new standard of aviation safety, embodied in a line of innovative products:
Pilot Appmobile / web
Application for the pilot’s personal use to log the flight hours.
Global Aviation Register with Decentralized Record System web portal
Blockchain powered global database of aviation services available to prospective passengers or flight school students.
Aviation Company Appmobile / web
Corporate application to log and cross-verify data from flight schools, aircraft operators, maintenance organizations and other sources.

How it Works

In case of any mismatch in data between any Aeron data source with either the ATC, pilot, or operator, aviation authorities can quickly detect and eliminate the problem. Aviation authorities can also detect any pilots operating with an expired license.

Pilot Application
Pilots are able to log flight hours and submit data. The pilot app also offers a loyalty program and gives access to the best curated offers.
Passengers and flight school students can access validated global database of aviation services through
Air Traffic Control
In select locations, Air Traffic Control data is processed through Data Hub automatically and verifies log entries made by Pilots and Companies (to confirm the actual flight took place).
Company Application

Maintenance Organizations log service data and submit to blockchain through the company application.

Aircraft Operators log flight data and submit to blockchain through the company application.

Fixed Base Operators submit airport services data to blockchain through the company application.


2016 May
Global aviation market research
2016 August
Concept development for Aeron ecosystem
2016 October consumer portal development
2017 March
Building global flight school, AM and FBO database
2017 June public presentation
2017 September
Aeron token sale
2017 October
Pilot and Company applications MVP development
2017 November consumer portal for aviation launch
2017 December
Pilot and Company applications blockchain integration
2018 February
Lobbying with Aviation Authorities
2018 March
Pilot and Company applications public launch
2018 April integration with blockchain
2018 June
Token payments for services
2018 August
Movement of database to decentralized and encrypted storage
2018 September
Aviation Authority
portal development
2018 November
Aeron API public launch
2018 December
Data Hub for automated data processing development
2019 January
Aeron Salesforce integration
2019 March
Business development EMEA: negotiation & deals with Authorities
2019 April
Aeron Membership program
2019 Q2
Binance Chain
ARN token migration
2019 Q2
Token integration with CryptoBonusMiles
2019 Q3
Aeron Games
2019 Q3
Application for Garmin pilot smartwatches
2019 Q4
Aircraft owner & Pilot module launch
2019 Q4
Professional flight excursions at
2020 Q1
Aviation Authority
portal launch
2020 Q1
Light aircraft and
aircraft kits marketplace
Further growth of ecosystem: addition of miscellaneous services
Regional expansion: Aeron applications adopted globally

Our Team

Our core team has extensive flying experience and includes certified pilots, aviation engineers and aviation enthusiasts. Together with professional Solidity developers, UX/UI designers and marketing experts we are building a robust solution for safer aviation practices.

Artem Orange


Artem has more than 15 years of experience in telecoms and finance. Ex-CEO of two national cellular operators and a serial entrepreneur in hi-tech industries. Aviation enthusiast and a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charterholder since 2009.


Nadezhda Barkanova


Nadezhda is an aircraft operation and air traffic management engineer with over 11 years of experience, specializing in full cycle of production aeronautical databases, flight crew training programs, flight simulators and computer based training development. EASA PPL(A) holder since 2013.


Konstantin Gertman


Konstantin has 14 years of experience in consulting, market research and financial businesses. Master of Science in Banking and Finance. A passionate small aviation enthusiast and Co-founder of, EASA certified pilot since 2013.


Dmitri Prokopenko

Business Development China

Dmitri is a long term resident of China. Fluent in Mandarin, founder of several language schools and ex-CEO of Water Energy, a new energy startup in Xiamen. Crypto analyst and investor, supporting projects like TenX, IOTA, LBC and Steem.


Andrii Bulavinov

Blockchain Lead

Andrii is a software developer and manager with over 15 years hands-on experience. Blockchain researcher, responsible for implementation on Ethereum and Stellar platforms as storage infrastructure and smart contracts transaction protocol.


Dmitry Bezkorovainyi

Application Lead

Dmitry offers 10 years experience in web services and mobile app development. With background in financial web services development and integration, Dmitry has a particuar focus on driving mobile application lifecycle for Aeron.


Advisory Board

Constantinos Kozakos, Limassol, Cyprus

Aviation Advisor

Constantinos is a Managing Director at Griffon Aviation, the first licensed flight school on Cyprus offering complete range of pilot courses: from basic to advanced Flight Instructor ratings. A Chartered Accountant (FCCA) and Auditor by profession, Constantinos offers a unique angle, combining extensive knowledge in accountancy and compliance with his passion in aviation.

Constantinos supports Aeron in liaison with flight schools worldwide, to build awareness and ensure recognition of Aeron solution


Vladimir Feoktistov, Limassol, Cyprus

Blockchain Tech Advisor

Vladimir has a master's degree in physics. He has been working as a lead programmer in financial, aerospace and data analysis sectors. His biggest project was development of the derivatives matching engine and risk management systems for Moscow Exchange. Vladimir was a CTO of leading a successful ICO and developed many other projects related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Vladimir helps Aeron to drive technical strategy and design architecture of the blockchain based database for aviation.


Eric Ross,
Orlando, USA

Technical Advisor

Eric brings 32 years experience in the defence and commercial industries specializing in RF communications and electronics systems integration, testing and fielding in airborne, land and sea based environments.

With 10 years management of a Preventive and Corrective Maintenance facility providing customers flightline and backshop services, Eric assists Aeron as a Technical Advisor.

Philip McMaster (大龙), Beijing, China

Brand Ambassador

Philip is well known in the Chinese and world blockchain space as the creator of the Republic Of Conscience. He advises on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy and compliance as well as human transportation efficiency. Former MBA lecturer in top Canadian and Hong Kong business schools, publisher and executive in the aerospace and media industry as well as certification program developer for governments and tourism companies.

Philip is concerned with helping Aeron lead the general aviation industry in setting the immutable standard in safety and sustainability.


Alexander Jiung,

Advisor Greater China

Alexander is an active blockchain evangelist and promoter. With deep knowledge of local blockchain enthusiast communities, he is the regular visitor at conferences and blockchain related events across Greater China and globally. Strong communication skills and international exposure help Alexander in fostering lasting partnerships.

Alexander is helping Aeron in liaison with local Blockchain Clubs across China and in building relevant communication strategy.


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